Zabuzerz attend Rubik’s cube solving competition

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We are passionate about solving puzzles.
Rubik’s cube tops the list among those puzzles.

And this is how we live our passion.

Just last week, a cube solving competition was organized by SCMU in Mumbai. It was an official competition, meaning your records would be put up on the official website of World Cube Association.

Cube Mosaic. Tribute to Robin Williams.



13 Zabuzerz traveled to Mumbai (from Nashik) on 17th Jan only to participate in the cubing competition and learn new things from fellow cubers all over India.

SCMU 2015 turned out to be the biggest cubing tournament from India & 8th in the world.
We all had so much fun and learned lot of new tricks from other cubers.

We came back to Nashik by Train. We did lot of cube solving sessions in the train, standing, maintaining balance in the moving train :-).

Cube solving session in return journey

It was full of fun, cheers, shouting, energy.
The fellow passengers had a great time seeing us, doing crazy stuff. They were amazed to see the passion in us, they were amazed to see the team spirit among us.

So long.

P.S. Here are some of the puzzles we have at Zabuza Labs.
Puzzle we have at Zabuza Labs (as of 21 Jan 2015)

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