Surprise Hackathon @ Zabuza Labs

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Exciting times! We conduct hackathons every now & then at Zabuza Labs & they are always well planned ahead of time, at least a day ahead!

This hackathon is turning out to be different than the rest.

First it was completely unplanned.

Second, we all decided to work on one common project. Usually we work on different projects in different teams, however here everyone has one common goal. So this one is more inclusive than the rest.

Thirdly, some people had to move out of their comfort zone and got a chance to apply their skills in different domains.

Team Brainstorming

Zabuzers working on the hackathon project

In the morning we had an hour of common brief about the project. Soon we formed different teams & set goals for each team.

Team Dinner

It is 23.30 at the moment, people are still at work. Everyone is fired up. One thing I like about Zabuzers, they are passionate about what they do.

We are working on an ambitious project with very aggressive deadline. There are some serious tech challenges we are facing at the moment and the dev team is working hard to solve them. We will know more tomorrow.

More details about the project in our next blog, that’s when we’ll reveal what we are working on.

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