New milestone. Game developed & launched in 34 hours during hackathon!

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We organize hackathon every month at Zabuza Labs during which we work for 32 hours straight. It has become a part of our culture. The inherent thought behind hackathon is to give your 100% to one singular cause.
We had organized one just the other day.

And this time we hit a milestone. We developed & launched a game within 34 hours. It’s a casual game for android. We named it Duplex. The game is a new take on old fashioned run games. Try it out.

Duplex –

Little more about hackathon

On a day before hackathon, we brainstormed on few game concepts shortlisted two. We formed two groups and decided the scope of the games. Next day, the teams arrived at 10 am at the office. Full with excitement & energy! Such was the exuberance of the people that they even named their teams. Team Gameaholics & Team Crazy Gamers.

Hackathon Poster

Team Crazy Gamers worked on a crossword puzzle game. They ran into deep tech issues in the core mechanic of the game. So we could not see much of the development there. However we will continue working on it in the days to come. We are using unity game engine for this game.

Team Gameaholics worked on Duplex Game. The game is developed on andengine.

Duplex Game

Duplex Game

Duplex Game

The hackathon was planned for 32 hours, but we extended the time frame as we were very close to publish the game.
This was our last hackathon for this year and we are glad that we achieved this milestone in 2014.

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Do try out the game. Easy to play difficult to master. Try beating our best score, 79 🙂
We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Link –

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